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Used Dairy Equipment For Small Dairies Worldwide

How can we help?


Based in the Netherlands we help small entrepreneurs worldwide find used equipment for their dairy operations. Most of the time we buy directly from farms and creameries in Europe. If we don't have it for sale, we will search for it. We ship worldwide.


We specialize in small equipment for dairies. Our cliënts are artisan cheesemakers, small cooperatives in developing countries, dairy farmers and a lot of family run businesses. Most of the time we sell equipment for cheese, yogurt, butter, milk and so on but if you are looking for other equipment like a milking machine or a small tractor we will try to help. 


Building a reputation

Buying equipment without inspecting it yourself can be quite scary. We definately understand that. That's why one of our most important tasks is giving accurate information. We take the time to supply good photo's and extensive information. This means we are 100% clear about the equipment we offer. Doing this over and over again we are building a reputation. 



We have a small stocklist on this website. Maybe there is something that fits your needs. Just keep in mind that it is not always up to date. Best is to contact us for the latest info.



If we don't have it in stock we can search for it. Perfect for our cliënts because we focus on their needs not on selling our stock. Please take a look at our search equipment page.


We invite you to take a look around on our website and leave a comment when you have something to share. In the future we want to collect all kinds of information on this website regarding small dairy processing and starting a dairy. If you have some (pdf) handbooks or relevent information please let me know. We are also interested in dairy/food regulations of different countries. Since our cliënts come from all over the world this information can help us to think along with our cliënts.


Looking forward to hearing from you!


Classic Dutch Cheese VatClassic Dutch Cheese Vat



Recently sold

Used 800 litre Butterchurn sold to the

United States


used process vessel 400 litreused process vessel 400 litre

 Used 400 litre dimple jacketed process vessel sold to the United States


2 Used GEA Westfalia Cream Separators, 1000 lph2 Used GEA Westfalia Cream Separators, 1000 lph

 2 x Used GEA Westfalia Cream Separator
1000 litres per hour sold to the UK