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Looking for equipment?


Are you looking for equipment but you can't find anything. Maybe we can help. 

Most of the equipment we buy and sell is on request. This equipment doesn't get listed on this website because it goes straight to the cliënt. We will search all over Europe to find what you are looking for. In a lot of cases we buy directly from European farms and creameries.


When we search on request our focus is on our cliënts needs and not on what we have in stock. 


copper cheese vatcopper cheese vatSearching is free of charge, you only pay for equipment. Since we are getting a lot of requests it is important that you fill in all your details below. We will need your name, adress and so on and also the kind of equipment you are looking for. The more information the better. Info like What kind of equipment, capacity, older or new state, your budget and so on is very helpfull.




Leaving your details

Not everybody likes to leave their contact details because they are afraid to be bothered by a salesmanager all the time. We can guarantee you this is not the case! Most of the time we send photo's and information by e-mail and then we wait for the cliënt. The only reason we ask for details is because we don't like to work for "ghost-cliënts". There is absolutely no obligation to buy anything, but it would be nice to reply to our messages.


Time frame

We will try to find the equipment your are looking for asap. However, this is not always possible. Sometimes nothing is available. We will need more time then and we will keep you informed. Please let us know if you found something yourself, then we can seize our searching.


New Equipment

If we can't find any used equipment that fits your needs we can also sell you new equipment. Just ask for the possibilities.


Please fill in all details below for a search request:

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Recently sold

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used process vessel 400 litreused process vessel 400 litre

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2 Used GEA Westfalia Cream Separators, 1000 lph2 Used GEA Westfalia Cream Separators, 1000 lph

 2 x Used GEA Westfalia Cream Separator
1000 litres per hour sold to the UK