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Worldwide shipping


Our company is located between the 2 largest ports in Europe: Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Antwerp (Belgium). 

We offer worldwide shipping to our customers. You don't need to worry about filling a full container. Most of our equipment is shipped "LCL" which means "Less Cargo Load". Just like shipping on a truck. 

I know some cliënts think sea freight shipping is very complex en very expensive. But after the first time most of them have changed their minds. In a lot of the cases the actual sea freight costs are less than the overland shipping costs so it's always worth to inquire. Of course you have to pay for custum clearance and import duties but this is most of the time worth the effort. 

Nex to that, the forwarding companies we work with have worldwide offices and will guide you through the process. They are very professional and very competitive.


Shipping to the United States

For shipping to the United States we work with Geodis Wilson. Geodis Wilson has offices in a lot of states in the USA so they are always close. They also have an office here in Holland. So the employees in the US and the Netherlands work together on your shipment. They can pick the freight up at our place and deliver it to your doorstep. They will also help you with the paperwork in the US. We will make the contacts for your and set everything in motion. I can inquire for the shipping price here in Holland, but you can also do it yourself in the US. If you want you can pay directly to Geodis for the shipping costs. 


Shipping in the European Union

Most shipping in the European Union is done on a pallet on a truck. We wil pack vulnerable equipment extra carefully and if necessary in a crate. In some cases we deliver the equipment ourselves with a trailer. And it is also possible to pick it up yourselves at our place.


Shipping to the United Kingdom

Most shipping to the UK is also done on a pallet on a truck. Next to that we offer the option of delivery in Calais / Zeebrugge / Rotterdam / Hoek van Holland. We can only do this with equipment that can be easily moved from our trailer to your trailer.


Shipping to Russia

Importing into Russia can be a puzzle. We have a contact in Russia that works as an import/purchasing agent for the dairy industry



All the equipment that goes on a seafreight is packed in wooden crates made from ISPM 15 approved wood. This wood is heated so that all living organisms are deactivated. There are stamps all over the package. This is very important for a lot of countries like the US, Australia and New Zealand. 


Crates ready for shippingCrates ready for shipping




Recently sold

Used 800 litre Butterchurn sold to the

United States


used process vessel 400 litreused process vessel 400 litre

 Used 400 litre dimple jacketed process vessel sold to the United States


2 Used GEA Westfalia Cream Separators, 1000 lph2 Used GEA Westfalia Cream Separators, 1000 lph

 2 x Used GEA Westfalia Cream Separator
1000 litres per hour sold to the UK