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milktank 15 gallon and 60 gallonmilktank 15 gallon and 60 gallon

milktank 50 litre and milktank 200 litremilktank 50 litre and milktank 200 litre

In stock 2 brand new milk coolers. 50 litre and 200 litres (15 gallon and 60 gallon). Ready for shipping worldwide. 220 volts / plug and play.


50 litres:     € 1.950,-  ex VAT
200 litres:   € 2.750,-  ex VAT


Technical specifications

  • Vertical type cylindrical tank with smooth inner walls, round corners, perfectly polished welding and adjustable feet.
  • Anti-magnetic stainless steel 18/10, DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304) for both inner and outer tank.
  • Agitation motor by the French company Sirem, 30 rpm.
  • Special thermal insulation with ecological and high-density 45 mm-thick polyurethane foam at the side walls and 100 mm at the base of the tank.
  • Specially-designed, laser welded & high-resistance evaporator for more efficient milk cooling.
  • Manufactured in the European Union according to CE standards


Operating characteristics

  • Electronic thermometer and cooling and agitation thermostat.
  • For 2 and 4 milkings
  • Robust lid without screws with stainless steel springs for easy opening and closing of the tank.
  • One piece agitator


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