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Used Small Milk Tanks

Next to used dairy equipment we also buy and sell used bulk milk tanks. We specialize in small milk coolers between 100 and 1500 litres.

Used milk tanks come in all kinds of brands, conditions and prices. There are also several different types of cooling systems. There are milk tanks fitted on a trailer and small tanks on a handkart.

Next to that there is a strong demand for milk tanks without the cooling system. These stainless steel tanks can be used for all kinds of purposes.


All photo's on this page are examples. They are not milk tanks I have in stock.


Different types of cooling

Direct expansion of refrigerant

Used small milk tankused milk tankused milk tank










These milk tanks are most common. They come with cooling systems fitted under or behind the tank or separately to fit to the wall. Well know brands are Mueller, AlfaLaval, Westfalia, Etscheid.

Ice bank cooling

small milk tanksmall milk tankThese Bulk tanks have most of the time a rectangular shape and use indirect cooling. This means that a layer of ice water is produced on the bottem of the double wall (between where the milk sits and the outside). This ice-water is sprayed to the inner tank to cool the milk. Small dairyproducers can also use this icewater to cool down a vat-pasteuriser. The most common brand in Europe is Packo.


Immerson Cooling

small bulk milk coolersmall bulk milk coolerImmersion cooling is used for small cooling volumes. The cooling unit with immersion-cooler is fitted to the wall. The small tank 100-400 litre can be taken to the milking machine with a handkart.


immersion coolerimmersion cooler












Milkbarrel cooler

milk barrel coolerThe milkbarrel cooler is designed for the real small volumes. Milkbarrels are put in a bath of icewater and cooled.

Sometimes a manual lift is fitted to remove the barrels easily out of the ice-water.











Small milk transportation


milktank on trailermilktank on trailer

 milktank on handkartmilktank on handkart







Milktanks can also be used to transport milk. 


Buying a used milk tank.


I don't keep a stocklist of used milk tanks on this website. These tanks move very fast. When you are looking for a milk tank, please contact me with as much details as possible; Prefered brand, volume, age and so on.


Milktanks can be bought in different kinds of conditions:

  • without a cooling unit, condition: "as is"
  • with a cooling unit but not in working condition, you'll make repairs yourself, condition: "as is"
  • with a cooling unit in working condition, unserviced, condition: "as is"
  • with a cooling unit in working condition, serviced, condition: "as is" and with remarks / possible risks
  • new, I'll buy one directly from a european manufacturer and ship it.

Buying a used milk tank (especially the cooling unit) is always risky. I will be clear regarding the condition of the milk tank. If the cliënt has any doubts I will not sell because of bad references later. I hope you understand.



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